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Timetables and Regulations

Examination Timetables

Summer GCSE EXAMS 2024

  •  These may be subject to change, if you have any questions then please contact the Exams Office.

  • Exam Contingency Dates Summer 2025 – Students must be available to sit exams on the afternoon of the 11th June 2025 and the morning and afternoon of the 25th June 2025. If there is local or national disruption that prevents an exam taking place it would be rescheduled on one of these dates.

  • JCQ state: “if students are not available because they are on holiday and one of their exams is rescheduled, they will not be eligible for special consideration by the exam boards. For this reason, the JCQ requests all schools inform parents and students of this date so that it can be taken into account when making plans for the summer.

Awarding Body Rules and Regulations

The Awarding Bodies used by Bramhall High School follow the regulations set out by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ).  Students are advised to ensure that they are aware of the JCQ regulations so that they have a fair and even chance to complete every examination with confidence.

JCQ Documents



During examinations our invigilators are instructed to record and report any unfair practice or behaviour, such as talking, borrowing someone else’s equipment and turning round that may occur. The Examinations Officer is required to report any such or reoccurring incidents to the Awarding Body immediately, in line with the JCQ malpractice policy.

Electronic equipment in any form, including Smart Watches, Mobile Phones, MP3’s and iPods are NOT ALLOWED in the examination room. Wrist watches of any type are also completely banned. Failure to observe the rules can result in disqualification from one or more examination subjects.

Exams Office

Phone: 0161 439 8045 ext 126

Bramhall High School, Seal Road, Bramhall, Stockport, SK7 2JT

0161 439 8045