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Payment Information

Our preferred payment method is online via SCOPAY. 

SCOPAY is used to pay for refectory accounts, trips and events. The website is:

If you are not already registered for online payments, you will need a link code which is available on request from For help accessing the SCOPAY system, please click the link below:

Scopay Help Guide 

For any further help please contact us at or by phone at 0161 439 8045 ext. 103

Please note the SCOPAY refectory balance updates daily, so payments and spending may not immediately show. Students can see the up to date balance in the refectory when they make a purchase and are responsible for ensuring the balance is kept in credit and communicating with you at home when a top-up is needed. We do not provide an overdraft facility, but if a student unexpectedly finds they have no credit and nothing to eat during the school day, they should speak to a member of staff.

We accept all payments via Scopay as we are unable to take card payments directly in school. We do have a facility for payment by cash or cheque if needed but payment via Scopay is preferred. If you do pay by cash or cheque, Please ensure it is secured in an envelope with the purpose of the payment (Dinner money or trip name for example), your child’s name, core group, and the amount clearly stated on the envelope. Students bringing cash or cheque payments should post them into the appropriate post box on the main office corridor.

If your child is eligible for free school meals, they will get 60p for breakfast/break time and £2.88 for lunch each day. These amounts will not be carried over to the following day. Accounts still need to be topped up to cover any spending over these amounts.

Bramhall High School, Seal Road, Bramhall, Stockport, SK7 2JT

0161 439 8045